Streamlined Production for Global Reach

AKD Enterprise operates from a well-equipped facility spanning 2,200 square feet, strategically designed to foster both meticulous craftsmanship and efficient order fulfillment. Our heart lies in the dedicated workshop area, encompassing the vast majority of the space. This is where the magic happens – 20-30 skilled artisans and craftspeople meticulously handcraft our products, their passion evident in every stitch and detail.

Supporting this vital production area is a designated 100 square foot office space. Here, a collaborative and focused environment allows our team to manage the intricacies of direct exporting with precision. Clear communication and efficient organization are paramount, ensuring seamless interaction with international clientele and timely order fulfillment. This streamlined infrastructure, with its clear division between dedicated production and strategic management, allows us to maintain exceptional quality control while fulfilling international orders with agility and precision. By optimizing both dedicated workspaces, AKD Enterprise is poised to deliver the best of both worlds: handcrafted luxury with the efficiency and expertise required to thrive in the global marketplace.